What is ADHD?
ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a doctor or chartered Ed Psychologist. A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention. Children with ADHD have often difficulties controlling their emotions and learning. They also tend to be impulsive. The ability to sit still, and general self-control can be tricky, which can also result in hyperactive behaviour difficulties.

ADHD can affect a child at school. They may miss important learning blocks because their concentration is compromised. Many children suffering from ADHD, often do not complete their school tasks. They may daydream or dawdle too much and lose track of their thought processes. They may rush through tasks and make careless errors.

How does Fiona help children
with ADHD?

Fiona works on techniques to encourage the child to focus their attention, concentrating and staying on task. Fiona finds that with a supportive programme, attention, activity, and self-control can develop little by little and most pupils are able to learn the skills. Fiona is happy to liaise with the class teacher / SENCO to develop a programme that will support your child.
Pupils with ASD and ADHD require a low-arousal environment with no distractions. This is why Fiiona will only accept these pupils on a one-to-one basis, having first assessed them and developed a learning programme tailored to their needs.